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Type in Motion



The three projects I created for the course, are each of following: a word, a quote,
and for a brand. Each project has different purpose, which lead to various approach. 



I minimalized the use of graphics in order to focus on the expressiveness of type.

The word: badass, is a daily Instagram / social medial statement post. Thus, I attempted to create a seamless loop.
The quote is my favorite line in the movie,
Black Swan. Pacing the animation to the music also elevates the output to another level. The physics of falling feathers was
a huge challenge to me as well.

The brand I chose was Raf Simons. Their website between seasons only shows the phrase “Coming Soon,” which is minimalism but kind of plain. Thus, 
I kept the brand typeface, Helvetica Neue, and created a typography in motion sequence on a
Raf Simons’ statement. 

I never read. I just look at pictures. 

Andy Warhol / American artist

DISCLAIMER: Those are student projects created for academic purposes. Any branding concepts are fictional pieces of work made as part of the class’s assignment.

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